Diwali is a long five day festival. And the fifth day of this diwali celebrated as a festival of Bhai Duj. Bhai duj recommended the second new moon day of New Year of Hindu Calendar. Bhai Duj is a festival of brother and sisters. Bhai Duj is a festival of love and respects among the relationship of brothers and sisters.

Legend Behind Bhai Duj Festival :

Once upon a time Yama the lord of death went to his sister Yami’s house to meet her after a long period of time. When Yami saw him she was become very pleased. She takes place a dhaga on his brother’s hand and marks a Tilak on his forehead for his well fortune and welfare.

It makes Yamraj pleased than he give bless to her and declare the day as a Bhaiya Duj. If a sister will celebrate it with his brother for his welfare than the age of his brother will be increase.

Another saying is that when Lord Krishna was return to meet his sister subhadra after destroyed the demon Narakasura. Subhadra celebrated the day for welfare of his brother. After it the people are celebrating the day as a festival of Bhaiya- Duj. Bhai Duj is a celebration to

strengthen the bond between brother and sister.

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