Why did Bharat Install padukas of Lord Rama :

According to the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana, Bharata was the second brother of Lord Rama. He was the son of King Dasaratha and Kaikeyi. Bharata was the husband of Mandavi, who was a cousin of Sita. Bharata had two sons known as Taksha and Pushka.


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In Sanskrit the name Bharata means ‘the cherished’. When Lord Rama went into exile, Bharata was mortified and harshly scolded his mother. He declared to bring Lord Rama back from forest and serve out his exile for him. His adherence to truth and love for his elder brother Rama earned him immortality in fame.

King Dasaratha died due to the sorrow of separation from his son Rama. Bharata delivered this painful news to Lord Rama and Lakshmana, and argued with Lord Rama his brother to return to Ayodhya as an emperor. But Lord Rama refused to his request because it would have been unrighteous to return to Ayodhya before the end of 14 years of exile.

King Janaka explained to Bharata that since his love for his brother was unparalleled it was his duty to allow his brother Rama to live virtuously. Lord Rama promised Bharata that he will return to Ayodhya after his exile is over.

Bharata vowed to Rama that if he did not return to Ayodhya after his exile has been elapsed he would give up his life by immolation. Bharata governed Ayodhya as Rama’s representative, not as a ruler. He gained a wide support from the people and placed the sandals of Lord Rama at the foot of the royal throne. Bharata never crowned himself as the king and never sat upon the throne. All the time Bharata longed for this brother to return and did not forgive Kaikeyi, his mother. He diligently served Rama’s mother Kousalya and Lakshmana’s mother, Sumitra.

The deep love between these two brothers is evident from Lord Rama’s declaration that his love for Hanuman was equal to that of his love for his brother Bharata.

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