The World’s largest Christian dance music festival hits the global stage on 25-27 August, on launch of C LOVER Festival. It was announced by The Grand Traverse Educational Foundation and DEMF LLC .The event will be held in Traverse City, Michigan, and is free of charge.

CLOVER— which stands for ‘Christ’s Love Restores, Respects, and Rejoices is expected to be the most upbeat and uplifting faith festival in the world. Entertainment in five staging areas will be filled and bringing thousands around the world together to dance and celebrate on latest dance & music.

Andy Hunter, acclaimed UK artist and DJ, will be featured in the event as one of the headlining artists. He was a prolific artists . All people enjoy so much. In addition to Hunter, at least 50 other world top DJs and Dance artists will drive the beat and spirit of CLOVER, including headlining artists Farley “Jack master” Funk, Joy Electric, Roy Davis, Jr. Eddie Fowlkes, Vikter Duplaix, Ron Trent, Garth Trinidad, DJ Spen, Dajae and many more.

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