Indian film industry is known as Bollywood. Holi is a national festival and is celebrated with joy all over the world. Holi is also known as the festival of colors. Like other people, people of bollywood also enjoy holi by playing colors.

Bollywood celebrates Holi Party :

Bollywood celebrates Holi

Bollywood Holi

People of bollywood are so much influenced by holi festival and they have made it an occasion to enjoy to the fullest. People in bollywood throw holi parties and invite all the actors, actresses, friends, relatives and other bollywood related persons in the party.

Holi at RK studio is very famous and it is compared with the holi of Matura and Banaras. Holi at the residence of superstar Amitabh Bachchan is also very popular.

This tradition of holi celebration in bollywood was started by superstar Raj Kapoor who has thrown a big holi party at his studio.  Many people of bollywood collected in that party.

In that party, Kapoor’s have followed the tradition to greet everyone with a dip in colored water but with that they have also taken care to not misbehave with women. Since then, the holi celebration became a trend at RK studio.

Holi at the home of megastar Amitabh Bachchan is also very popular. It seems that the megastar is still feels drenched in the color of holi songs Rang Barse and Holi khele Raghubeera. Because of success of these songs, he celebrates the holi festival in a big way. All the related people are personally invited in the party. A shower is specially installed in the garden so that people can wash themselves after playing with colors. After that people eat delicious dishes and drinks, sing holi songs and dance together.

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