Bonalu Jathara is the annual festival celebrated at Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh state. This festival is celebrated famous ujjaini Mahankali temple of Secunderabad. Festival is celebrated in Assad masam (July – August).

Bonalu Jathara Festival of Ujjaini Temple :

This festival is celebrated to worship goddess Mahankali. It is said that the idol of Goddess was brought from Ujjain so it’s called Ujjaini Mahankali. This is two day celebration Bonalu Jathara and Rangam. This celebration is celebrated by Telangana specially.

Legend behind this celebration and Ujjaini Mahankali temple is that in start of 19th century some army people came in Telangana region. They observed that peop0le of Telangana is struck by Cholera. During the visiting of Mahakali temple at Ujjain they worship freedom of Telangana from the ruling of cholera.

Their worship makes effect and cholera removed from that region. Due to magic of goddess Mahakali they brought Idol of Goddess from Ujjain and establish it in a temple at Secunderabad.

People worship goddess Mahakali on Bonalu Jathara festival for security from any kind of difficulties. A ritual on next day of Bonalu Jathara “Rangam” is celebrated. During this ritual devoted women goes into a Shigam (Trance) and announce the treasures of future loudly. Completion of this ritual completed the two days Bonalu Jathara festival.

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