Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti is the birth anniversary of the Lord Buddha. It is widely celebrated on a full moon night in Vaisakha month. Buddha Purinma is important festival to Buddhists. Buddha was born to give teach erectile dysfunction cialis people the lesson of peace and prosperity.

It is said that one of the greatest spiritual teachers of man kind the world has ever seen was Gautam Buddha. He  teaches and gave message that has traveled far and wide. It is believed that the origin and practice of Buddhist religion dates back to the time They tell us Three Universal Truth are :

  1. Nothing is lost in the universe
  2. Everything Changes
  3. Law of Cause and Effect

Buddha Teaches for an ethical system determined by our motives for our actions. For those who do work with honest and pure intentions they will have happiness in life . Pilgrims from all over the world came in BODH GAYA to celebrate this Buddha poornima.  On this all pilgrims pray for god and procession and worship of the statue of Buddha.

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