The people practicing the religion are told to think for themselves but Buddhism as a philosophy has been a part of many cultures and societies as a philosophy of life. The teachings and practices may vary for these beliefs and at the core, they are all Buddhist beliefs.

Buddhist Beliefs:

One of the foremost Buddhist beliefs is that Buddha is not God. Buddha was a normal human being like other people.  He lives more than 2.00 years ago. His teachings are not the set rules that every Buddhist is required to follow nor are they are only pieces of wisdom that exist in this world. The teachings

of Buddha are to be considered as the advices for life of people who have gone beyond general views, conceptions and ideas of life. Buddhist beliefs say that many had been enlightened before Buddha and there will be many who will be enlightened in future as well.

Another important Buddhist belief is that people must not believe anything without testing it for themselves. No matter where they read and listen about certain things in life, they must test these things and check where they stand true for their life or not before believing in them. Thus Buddha encourages people to test everything that they read or heard.

Next important Buddhist belief says that Gods are deities are cultural. There are some Buddhist schools of thought that have many Gods while there are others that do not have any form of God. In any case, it would be incorrect to say that Buddhism promotes or teaches atheism, pantheism or for that matter any other positions for Gods or deities. Gods that exist are conception of some particular time and culture and that they must be used for the wise development of an individual and his spirituals practices.

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