A place in India which was the capital of famous Magadha empire. The literal meaning of word Rajgir is “city of kings” or “house of kings”. The city is one of the famous Buddhist place and lord Buddha spend around 12 years of his life at this place called Rajgir, first counseling meeting was also happened here only.

Buddha converted king Bimbisara (famous Magadha king of his time) one of his famous and loyal disciples in to Buddhists here only. The place is also famous for the temples and religious places of Hindus and Janis.

Rajgir Temples Historical Importance:

2nd motion wheel was settled here by Lord Buddha. A place having various temples, religious caves, vulture’s peak etc. Malamasa Mela, Makar Sankranti, Rajgir Dance Festival are the famous cultural events celebrated in this city. People celebrate and enjoy this festival with full energy and enthusiasm.

Famous Visiting of Rajgir Having Religious Importance:

1. Griddhakuta or Vulture’s Peak
2. Jain Temples
3. Hot Springs
4. Pippala Cave
5. Venuvana
6. Karnada Tank
7. Rannbhumi
8. Shell inscriptions
9. Virayatan – Jain temple and Museum
10. Many monasteries

How To Reach Rajgir :

  • By Air –

Patna capital of Bihar is the nearest airport to this place, Which is around107kms away from this place.

  • By Rail –

The nearest railway station is Bhaktiyarpur which is situated on the north and eastern railway, this station is around 54kms away from this place. The line connects to Rajgir through a loop.

  • By Road –

Patna, Gaya, Muzaffarpur and Delhi are some of the famous stations near this place.

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