A place in India in Uttar Pradesh where after enlightenment Lord Buddha preached his first sermon BUDDHA to his five disciples & turned wheel of law.

It is one of the four sacred place of Buddha dharma. Sarnath’s history is also associated with King Ashoka and his legacy. Importance of this place is mentioned in holy books of Buddhists.

Historical Importance of Sarnath:

It is situated 10 km away from Varanasi, Full moon day of Vaisakha (April-May) is observed as the anniversary of Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death, it is celebrated here as a great festival.Sarnath is having pleasant places and many gardens.

The enviournment of Sarnath is suitable to meditate and for spiritual healing. Greenery around here in the nature and environment gives Sarnath an extra edge over other places.

Famous visiting places of Sarnath having religious importance:

  1. Buddhist Temples
  2. The Digambara Jain Temple
  3. Choukhandi’ Stupa
  4. Dhamekha Stupa

How To Reach Sarnath:

By Air :

Varanasi airport is the nearest airport. Flights connect Varanasi to Kathmandu, Delhi , Agra and Mumbai and other important cities.

By Train :

Varanasi railway station is connected to important cities. Various trains from various parts of India came here and stop here.

By Road :

It is located on the National Highway No. 29 that also connects Varanasi and Gorakhpur.As it is located on the National Highway No. 29,it is well in connect with rest parts of country.

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