Buddhist Schools:

Buddhist is people who follow the religion of Buddhism. Actually Buddhism word comes from “Boddhi” that means “Goes apart from your body”. It is the way of living a moral life by explaining a purpose of life, Inequality around the world and provide the light for finding true happiness in the world.

Who is Buddhist?

A person who follow three different but effective Philosophy that’s Buddha, Drama, and Sanga, is Known as Buddhist. They respect Buddha, Learn Dharma and follow the Advice of Sanga.
These three Philosophies are:-

  • Buddha:- A honor founder of Buddhism. Siddhartha Gautama later known as “Buddha” who found the truth of life 2,500 years ago. He was the innovator of wisdom .About 300 million people are Buddhist all around the world.
  • Dharma:-It represents teaching of Buddha that is “How to found Happiness”. They Show the Proper utilization of soul to control and secure body from unhappiness.
  • Sanga: – Group of all the people like Monks or Nuns or Lay Follower that represents the purity of Buddhism and explore the best of Buddhism.

How to become a Buddhist :

By following five moral aspects anyone could be able to become a Buddhist. These are:-

1. Avoid killing: – A kind heart should be in a person who wants to be a Buddhist. He or She should avoid killing even to bacteria (the smallest life on the earth).

2. Avoid Stealing: – Stealing represents the harmful activity .it causes a person to get unhappy and helpless.

3. Avoid Misusing Sex: – Misusing of sex reduces the valuable energy of human body. So to utilize this energy on other important work avoid this one.

4. Avoid Lying: – Lying represents the weakness of the person and fraud with another one.

5. Avoid using intoxicant:- This thing courses our body to fall in illness. “Pure minds live in pure Body” .so avoid these things to get pure mind.

Learn Buddhism:

Beside Following Moral aspects Buddhism could be learn from Buddhist schools. In this kind of Institute all kind of Buddhism Practices and education could be learn like renouncing conventional living , Meditation (For getting power of soul),innovating wisdom etc.

  • Following list of Best Institute Teaches Buddhism in India:-

Gujarat Vidyapeeth University
(Master in Art of Buddhism Philosophy)
Address: Nr. Income Tax Office, Ashram Road,
Ahmadabad – 380014
Phone: 079-27546767
Fax : 079-27542547

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