Budha Bhagwan (Mercury) Temple at Teruvalangadu :

Budha bhagwan is one of the forms of nine planate of universe. lord Budha is associated with Emerald Gemstone, Green color, Green Gram, Emerald Gemstone, Number 5. and this deity represent the day of Wednesday. His zodiac signs are Virgo (Kanya) and Gemini (Mithun). Budha is the deity looks with riding on a lion or a chariot with four hands.

He offers good prosperity and superior education to his follower and is also constructive to business people. Teruvalangadu is the major place of lord Budha temple in Tamil Nadu. This is the one of the most beautiful temple in India. this temple made beautifully with artistic talent.

During the time of happy moments at Teruvalangadu this temple of lord budha looks so charming and handsome. This is decorated with lights and flowers. It is washed with colors on the time of Holi festival. The temple is not only well known for its architectural magnificence, but also for the myths connected with it. The main divinity at the Sanctum is recognized as “Vadaranyeswarar” and the Lord’s wife, “Vandarkuzhali Amman”.

The Sthala Vriksh is a large banyan tree situated at the back the main place of deity. It is one of the temples from Navgraha Temples of Tamil Nadu. There is a video of navgraha temples of Tamil Nadu as following.

Video of Navgraha Temples of Tamil Nadu :

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