The camel festival is most popular festival in pushkar. It is the very famous festival in Rajasthan and all over the India. This festival comes in the month of November in every year. The famous pushkar Fair is held for seven days. Pushkar is very famous for its colorful annual camel fair.

Pushkar is best known and well-known for its Camel Fair and and colorful cattle fair. The main attraction of Pushkar is the Pushkar Lake and the temple of God Brahma. On this occasion of camel fair the thousands of peoples come there and enjoy that very much.

The Pushkar camel fair is world’s largest and biggest camel fair. Peoples comes there from out side because there are attractions of games, races, local folk dances, song and full entertainment. During this festival people decorated their camel with beautiful ornaments and Royal clothes. This festival is most interesting fact is camel race.

On this camel festival people decorated colourful, shops and they organise animal fights between animals and camel races are also a part of the festival. The Pushkar Camel Fair is the most exotic and colorful part of India. This fair is the largest camel market of the India and all over the world.

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