Maa Sharde Kaha Tu Vina Baja Rahi Ho :


Saraswati Maa

Goddess saraswati is known as Goddess of knowledge and arts in our Hindu culture. there are so many prarthanas and bhajans are sung in schools and temples but Maa Sharde Kaha Tu Vina Baja Rahi Ho, is the best one. so the lyrics of this prarthana “Maa Sharde Kaha Tu Vina Baja Rahi Ho” is as follows for your help. may goddess Saraswati bless all of us with knowledge, arts and wisdom.


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Annamalai Potri Hari Om Namasivaya Song

Hari Om Namah Shivaya is a Sanskrit Tamil devotional song from the albums Mandir Bhajans. It is sung by artists Dr. Seerkazhi and S. Shiva Chidambaram, the duration of this song is 4:13 mins. Both of them are very popular singer and have a very good voice. These songs are too famous and can be hear anywhere on the occasion of Maha Shivratri.

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