Karni Mata Temple, the Rebirth of goddess Durga:

The Karni Mata temple is 30 km away from Bikaner. This temple is situated in Deshnoke a small town of Rajasthan. It is said that it is a rebirth of goddess Durga. The specialty of this temple is that it is occupied by brown rats which rush around the temple without any fear.

The Karni Mata Temple where rats are found everywhere:

Brown rats can be seen around the floor, but founding a white mouse is very rare and it is believed that only lucky people

Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata Temple

can find white rat here. The Karni Mata Mela is held in the hindu months of Vaishakha (April/ May) and Kartika (October/ November). The Rajputs’s brought their children for jadula ceremony; it is child’s first haircut. On this ceremony people from family prepare food for relative, friends and people. First of all the Bhog and Prasad are provided to goddess.

Devotees provide milk, grains and sweets to these rats it brings good destiny. The rats are protected from birds. Every time prayers are open in the temple. It is believed that the Maharaja of Bikaner had an idea in which the goddess asked him to protect the rats and for this reason, there is figure wire net across the temple. The temple is made from quality stones and marble, which includes silver gates, built by Maharaja Ganga Singh. The silver doors, the carving of marble shows the various traditions, which are connected to goddess karni mata.

Deshnok’s Karni Mata Temple is popular because t the beautiful structure of the temple. There is a cover-up cut out of (more…)

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Uttar Pradesh is one of the most famous states in India. It is a historic land which is host to several fairs, festivals and events. Nauchandi Mela of Meerut is one of the oldest mela’s in India. It is a historic mela (fair) of Uttar Pradesh which is being held since more than a century. It is a month long mela which attracts thousands of visitors from all over India as well as abroad.

Nauchandi Mela in India:

Nauchandi Mela of Meerut is held every year after Holi on second Sunday. This mela has the unique distinction of being one of the most colorful, vibrant and biggest fairs in India. It spreads on the area of 4 sq km and is filled with crowd. The Nauchandi Mela of Meerut has

nauchandi mela

hundreds of stalls selling different products such as handicrafts, jewelry, glassware, furniture, ceramic, toys, perfumes, textiles, leather products, machine-made products, cold drinks, ice creams, eatables and many more. Some of the attractions of this mela are nautankis, giant wheels, musical performances, dances, games, cultural performances, etc.

Nauchandi Mela of Meerut signifies the communal harmony and brotherhood among the people of different sects. More than 50,000 visitors visit this mela per day. The Nauchandi Mela of Meerut is well organized and consists of neat pathways accompanied by flowerpots, fountains and flowerbeds.

Shopekeepers and traders from all over Uttar Pradesh as well as Delhi participate in this mela by setting up their stalls. The variety as well as the list of products available in this mela is such vast that it is almost impossible to name them all. Some of the popular products available in Nauchandi Mela of Meerut are brassware from Moradabad, Kohl from (more…)

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