Durgashtami is one of the major celebrations of India. It is the festival which is celebrated each of years during time of

durga maa aarti

durga maa aarti

Navratra festival of India. Durgashtami observes on the eight day of Navratra festival.

Actually the day of Durgashtami is come on eight day of Aswin month of Hindu calendar. Durgashtami is also known as the names of Maha Ashtami and Veerashtami. This festival is called as Veerashtami mostly because on this day Arjun (Main character of Mahabharata) had taken his weapon Ayudha.

Durgashtami Festival :

Durgashtami is a very auspicious festival during the time of Navratra festival. People on this day worship the goddess Durga for their prosperity and peace for life. People observe a ritual and traditional fast for making happy to goddess of power or Shakti to remove their unfortunate of life.

In Andhra Pradesh there is a famous festival celebrated called Bathukamma Visarjanam. Bathukamma Visarjanam observed on the day of Durgashtami. Bathukamma Visarjanam is also a type of worship of goddess of power.

Durgashtami In Year 2014 : 2nd October

Durgashtami is one of the festivals of India which is observed during the time of Navratra festival of India. Navratra celebrated for nine days for worship various forms of goddess Durga and Durga itself worship on the day of eighth of Navratra.

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Durga Puja Festival :

Durga Puja is a religious festival which marks the victory of good over evil. Mahishasura, the buffalo-demon was slayed by the 10-armed goddess Durga to restore peace and happiness.

Durga puja is celebrated throughout India but the state of West Bengal favours and celebrates with a fervour that is unmatched.

Durga puja is celebrated during the month of Aswin according to the Hindu calendar. It is a 9 day celebration starting from Mahalaya. Skilled and artistic pandals are built in every nook and corner, of every street of East India. The cities and the villages start preparing for this special festival days ago its onset. During Durga puja the streets are the most crowded. The pavement becomes so over-crowded that there is a standing risk of stamped.

This over-crowdedness can lead to many unwanted and sad accidents. To avoid such tragic happening the Government of this state in joint venture with the Traffic and Police department has introduced a series of tours which are held within the cities and the state. Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is the busiest and the most crowded place during Durga puja. Daily tours are organized for the devotees and the pandal -hoppers to visit all the pandals in a civilized and organized manner. Tours are also organized throughout India for the worshippers of Maa Durga to visit West Bengal. Train and plane journeys are available for those who are non-West Bengal residents.

More than 2000 puja pandals are created artistically throughout West Bengal. These pandals are huge and extended by the vendors, a stage for the live talent show of the locals, organized dance and music competitions, pandal organizers and the pandal-hoppers. (more…)

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