India is a diverse country and a land of festivals. Lord Ganesh, the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, are worshipped before starting any new work. Lord Ganesh is considered to be the god of prosperity, wisdom and good fortune. Ganesh Chaturthi is an important Hindu festival and is the birthday of Lord Ganesh.

Ganesh Chaturthi Utsav:

On the day of the festival idols of Lord Ganesh are placed in homes and rituals to please the lord is performed. It is an eleven day festival and on the last day the idols of Ganesh are immersed in river or a sea.

The festival of Lord Ganesh is very famous all over the country but it is celebrated in a special way in the state of Maharashtra. In Mumbai the preparation for the festival begins even 1 month before the festival and is celebrated on a large scale. The festival begins by placing idol of Lord Ganesh and then special rituals like ‘pranapratishhtha’ and mantras are performed by priests.

The idols are placed on a raised and well decorated platform and offerings are made to Lord. Not only are the idols placed in home but also at various special places on a large scale. Also people bath in holy waters and meditate to connect with Lord Ganesh and pay their regards. Special offerings of sweets, flowers, rice, coconut and jaggery are made to Lord Ganesh. Various functions and performances are held on the eve of immersion of idols. (more…)

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Ganesha Chaturthi Festival :

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival is also called “Vinayak Chaturthi”. Vinayak is an added name of lord Ganesha. Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati are father and mother of lord Ganesh respectively. Devotees believed that lord Ganesha was originated by the goddess Parvati at the time of her bathing. By the efforts of Lokmanya Tilak it is celebrated as an annual holiday.

He believed that Ganesha is a god of everyone. He also covered a gap between the Brahmins and Non Brahmins and produced nationality.

Festival’s Impact On The Environment:

In India it is a ritual to immersed lord Ganesha’s idol into the river or sea or lakes. Mostly Ganesha’s idol is be made by plaster of paris which is harmful for water living beings and nature. It raises the acid level in the water and content of heavy metals like cadmium and mercury.

It is a controversial issue in the India. To solve this problem many organizations have recommended solutions that are given in the below-

  • Use of natural soil to make the idol of lord Ganesha and immersed the idol into the temporary water pond.
  • Every year used a permanent idol that is made by stone and brass
  • Prohibition on the submerge of plasters idol in the river or sea. (more…)

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