Bhang is mainly associated with Lord Shiva and now it has become an official drink of holi festival. This is a very intoxicating drink and helps to increase the spirit of holi festival. Bhang is an essential ingredient in thandai, vadas and pakoras served on the holi day.

Bhang preparations in Banaras:

Tradition of drinking bhang is mainly popular in north India where holi festival is celebrated with great pleasure and enjoyment. But the main center of bhang is the land

Bhang Thandai Recipe

Bhang Thandai 

of Lord Shiva named Banaras or Vanarasi. In these cities, bhang is prepared on famous ghats.

On these ghats, you can see large number of people engaged in the work of preparing bhang. Bhang is made by squashing leaves and buds of Cannabis into a paste and adding it milk, ghee and other spices.

Brief history of bhang:

In 1000 BC, bhang was first time used as an intoxicant and then it became the very popular drink in Hindu culture. In Artharvaveda, it is said to be an advantageous herb that releases anxiety. Lord Shiva has discovered the transcendental properties of this mixture, so he said to be the “Lord of bhang”. Bhang is also used by many sadhus to increase meditation.

Bond with the bhang:

Bhang is an ancient drink and it is also an inseparable part of Indian culture. It has also become a symbol for lot of things. You can say that if anyone can understand the emotional nature and culture of Indians then he can easily understand the importance of bhang for them.

Bhang is made of hemp plant which is associated with Lord Shiva and is regarded holy by Hindus. People have strong (more…)

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Pootana – Photo Credit :

Holi is a traditional festival of India and is celebrated by people with full devotion and enthusiasm. Holi is known by different names in different states of India and is also celebrated in distinct ways. There are so many legends associated with this festival and people have true belief in these legends. One such legend associated with Holi festival is the legend of Pootna.

The Killing of Putana Rakshasi, Story :

According to the legend there was an ogress named Pootna. Uncle Kansa of Lord Krishna who got failed several times in killing Krishna took help the help of Pootna for this purpose. He ordered Pootna to kill the baby Krishna by feeding poisonous milk to him.

So, Pootna by disguising herself as a simple woman tried to feed her Krishna with her poisonous breast. But Krishna got to know the fact and sucked her blood instead of milk. This revealed the truth of Pootna behind that simple lady and laid her to the death.

To it is a tradition to burn a statue of Pootna on the previous night of Holi. This tradition symbolizes the victory of divine power over devils. This festival also symbolises the end of darkness and winter season.

So, by having full faith in this legend people celebrate Holi festival and follow the ancient tradition.

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