Story Behind Nag Panchami:

Nag Panchami” is well known and one of the favorite festival of Hindu people. Actually it is the day of Praying and worshiping “Nag” or snake – a reptiles. snakes are very honorable and dangerous as well. Many people who are devotees of Lord shiva also worship snakes on this day because shiv is also God of snakes. People worship Snakes on Nag panchami to secure from the snakes dangerous poison which can kill people on biting by the snakes.

Nag Panchami is the day of fifth of bright half of shrawan Hindu month according to calendar. According to legends on this day lord Krishna defeated a dangerous snake Kalia of river Jamuna on this day. Nag Panchami is celebrated in session of monsoon (starting Rainy Period) when snakes comes out from their borrows due to filling of water into then. they move here and there in search of food and secure place to alive.

People worship snake to being secure from them and never meet or bite them in any circumstances. Nag Panchami is celebrated across the country with full of joy. people keep fast on this day and worship Lord shiv and Vishnu and Sheshnag. They serve milk to snakes and lords of snakes – shiva. many people arrange worship and puja at grand level to be secure from the effect of “Sarp-Dosh”. They arrange puja ceremony near about any shiv temple and at the bank of flowing water.

In north India “Manasa Devi” the Godess of snakes are worshiped. Vasuki, Takshaka, Kaliya, Manibhadra, Airavata, Dhritarashtra, Karkotaka and Dhananjaya, the various advents of snakes are worshiped at various places in the country.

The aim of worshiping snakes is to being secure from the fear and danger of snakes, serpents and all kind of evil. Lord Vishnu is worshiped because he lies over the Sheshnaag (A Most powerful snake) and Lord shiva because he tied snake around his nake as an ornament.

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Naga Panchmi is very popular and auspicious festival for Hindu community. This Naga Panchmi festival comes in the Hindi month of shravan. People also known this festival as snake festival. It is said that on this day lord Krishna got victory on kaliya nag so this festival is a very important day for Hindu people in there life.

On this Naga Panchmi festival people worship snake god. people goes to
the temple of lord Shiva. On this festival many people goes to the temple of lord Shiva and pray for them and their family. Many people who caught the snake, they goes to the city and show Snake dance to the peoples. The people offer milk to snake and they donate money to snake man. The people search for snake holes around the village where snakes are likely to be found. They offer milk to the snake on this day.

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