Rakhi or Rakshabandhan is a different kind of festival ofIndiathan other festival. It is a festival of brother and sister. The word ‘Rakshabandhan’ has a great mean, here bandhan means bond and raksha means protection.

It means a festival of bond of protection. On this day a sister tie a rakhi or ribbon made of threads on her brothers wrist and prays to god to give them good fortune and blessings. Brother also gives her wishes for lifelong protection from all types of problems. Rakhi is a joyful and beautiful festival in which people participate with great enthusiasm and desire. They celebrate this festival with various auspicious acts.

They worship deities, cleaning of houses, arranging of gifts and other items. People buy various delicious sweets also for enjoying the moments of love. During that time women in house makes various delicious meals. Recipes of rakhi involve different kind of foods. There is a short list of Rakhi Recipes which enhance rejoice of this festival as follows.

Rakhi Recipes:

Coconut Fudge  Gulab Jamun  Gulkand Peda 
Kalakand  Dahi Bhindi  Rava Ladoo 
Kopra Pak  Maida Milk Sweet  Dry Fruit Kheer 
Malpua  Fruit Curd  Mango Burfi 
Ghevar  Mango Sweet Rice  Mattar Karanjis 
Misti Doi  Sweet Potato Kheer  Sweet Saffron Rice 
Shrikhand  Mitha Khaja  Sweet Kachori 
Quick Nariyal Burfi Shakarpara  MysorePak 
Quick Ras Malai  Papad Ka Shaak  Rotla 
Phirni  Pinnie  Poha 
Wheat And Nut Laddoo  Tamarind Rice  Tomato Paneer 
Vegetable Omelette  Seviyan Ji Khirni  Sindhi Channa 
Pista Burfi  Shahi Tukda  Wheat Germ Kheer 

It is the list of famous sweets which are prepared during raksha bandhan festival. These sweets are common recipes of this rakhee festival.

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Rakshabandhan is a very beautiful and most celebrated festival ofIndia. during ancient time ofIndiathere was a queen of Chittor named Rani Karnawati who sent rakhi thread to Mughal emperor Himayun and called for her help.

She make him brother and then after receiving this rakhi Himayun went for helping her sister with his full force. This event was originated of this fabulous festival. Rakhi is a festival of relationship among brothers and sisters.

During that time sisters shows their love and affection to their brother with binding a bond of love on brother’s wrist. Brother also gives gifts to sisters and gives good blessings for her long life. Due to important of this festival in Indian people many poet wrote various poetry about this festival. Rakhi poems are also a great way to know actual feelings of this celebration of love and trust. There are many type of poems famous in current time which can also gifted to other with good blessings. Some of them are as follows.

Rakhee Poems :

Rakhi Day is Righteous Day

By –  Former President of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


This full moon day our hearts are in brim

Feeling of faith and serenity in mind.

We light the lamps and our hears glow

Radiance of happiness and peace are in flow.

Harmonious homes are like streams of joy

Flowing and flourishing the landscape en route.

Nobility in heart and character in deed

Righteous homes alone make a beautiful State.

Sisters will tie the thread on the brothers

Abiding them to do only what is right and clean.

Put the Kumkum and blessed rice on the head

Where will dwell right thoughts and noble action.


Here’s To My Brother

Here’s to my brother

Remember every day

No matter what I’ve said

Here’s what I’d like to say

I will always love you

Be with you till the end

When no one else is around

I will be your friend

I love my brother

and I always will

I’m proud to be your brother

that’s how I feel And someday when we’re far away

And the miles keep us apart

I’m gonna whisper

I love my brother

And you’ll know it in your heart.

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