Meethi Eid is a major occasion of Muslim religion. It is the celebration of joy and pleasure after a long fasting period of Ramadan month of Islamic Dharma. Meethi Eid is also known as the name of Eid Ul Fitr. Eid Ul Fitr is the famous day for Muslim religion and celebrated in all around the world by the people from the Muslim religion. This is one of the major days also with the purpose of social greetings of people.

Meethi Eid is the day when people form Muslim religion passes greetings and blesses to their relatives, friends, neighbors and other persons after a one month of fasting of Ramzan. They celebrated this day by making of delicious meals, and delicious drinks. They also engage with the various religious acts during the time of Meethi Eid.

Meethi Eid In Year 2012:

Meethi Eid celebrated each of the years after the ending of Ramadan month of Islam religion.

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India is a nation where various types of people belong to various type or religion living with together. There are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christians are living in the country in various parts of nation. They all of the people celebrate their own religious fairs and festivals. As like other religious festival Eid Ul Zuha is a most important festival of Islam religion.

This festival is also known as the name of Bakra Eid. This is the festival which is celebrated in various part of the world where Muslim people are living. In India this festival is also celebrated. This festival observe each of the year from tenth to twelfth day of Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah. It is a three days celebration.

Legend Behind Bakrid :

There is a myth behind the celebration of Bakra Eid. Once upon a time there was a great priest of Allah name Ibrahim. Once Allah said to Ibrahim or challenged to Ibrahim to show his dedication in front of him by sacrificing most lovable or most nearest or most dearest for him. Ibrahim accepted the challenge of Allah and got ready to sacrifice his dearest son. And he had done it. From this day people from Islam religion started to celebrate this day as a festival of Eid Ul Zuha in dedication of Ibrahim’s love towards Allah.

Celebration of Eid Ul Zuha :

Bakra Eid or Eid Ul Zuha is celebrated each of the years in various parts of the world. People celebrated this day with the people belong to their community. They organize various programs. They wore new and bright color cloths. They prepare various foods and patterns of meals along with sweets. They sacrifices animals like goat etc. on this day. They gifted to their friends, relatives, neighbors etc.

Eid Ul Zuha In Year 2012:  October 26, 2012

Eid Ul Zuha celebrate by the great enthusiasm and joyous among the people form Islam each year and in year 2012 it will be celebrate as on 26 October.

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