Urs Festival of Muslim Community :

Touring of Rajasthan is incomplete without a visit to Ajmer, a vibrant city of the state. The most exciting time to visit Ajmer is during the festive season of Urs, which is held every year at the majestic tomb of the Sufi Saint-Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. Moinuddin Chisti was granted the name of Gareeb Nawaz as he was the benefactor of all the poor and greedy. Urs is the largest Muslim Festival held in the seventh month of the Muslim calendar and is the death anniversary of this godly saint.

Ajmer is situated on the side of the Lake making the city picturesque. The unique factor of this largest Muslim festival is that it is equally celebrated by Hindus and Muslims. Urs festival is an example of communal harmony. This Dargah Shariff of Ajmer has the mortal remains of Sufi saint buried under the tomb. The rich and poor visit the Dargah with offerings called the nazrana. The choicest offerings are chadar, ghilaph and neema.

The Urs festival is celebrated with lots of gaiety and many traditions have become a trademark of this festival. One such ritual is looting of kheer known as the tabarruk which is the blessed food. The door that leads to the tomb is known as Jannati-Darwazi and it is believed that crossing of this gate would lead to the opening of the gates of the heaven. The tomb is anointed with roe water and scented with sandalwood paste. After the anointment the tomb is covered with the silk, embroidered chadar.

The ambience of the Dargah creates an aura of divinity by the professional Qawwalis singers, with their musical and lyrical chanting of Allah’s praises gather huge crowds. Mehefil-Khan Is a huge hall used for religious meetings, late night prayers keeps the city alive even during the nights.

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Urs Of Sharif Sailani Shah Miyan is a very famous urs fair and well known festival in India. The Sailani Shah Miyan was a very famous saint of Muslim community. Many devotes comes from different places to here. Many peoples come here to offer flowers , chader etc. to their Sailani Shah Miyan.

The Sharif Sailani Shah Miyan was great sufi saint of Muslim community.
This day many peoples goes with their families to fair and have enjoy. qwwalies and devotional songs also being sung by professional quawali singers.They goes to the mosque of Sharif Sailani Shah Miyan and pray for health and wealth.

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