Akha Teej is one of the major festivals of India. This is the festival which is also known as the name of Akshaya Tritya and

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Akha Teej

most famous in Northern and Western part of the country. Akha Teej falls on the 3rd day after the day of Amavashya in the month of Vaishaka of Hindu Calendar. This is the day which is celebrated as the birth of 6rh incarnation of lord Vishnu as a great human named Parshurama.

It is the day which is celebrated as a holy day during the festival time. People do engage themselves as on Akha Teej with various religious acts. They does charity, donate food and cloths to poor. It is also an important day to begin a new business and start a new work. This is the time to purchase gold and property for investment in India. Most of the people do fast on that day for worship of lord Vishnu.

People also pray goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesha for their good wealth and health. This is the time when Charan Darshan of lord Krishna takes place in the Bank Bihari Temple. Akha Teej is a day when Parshurama born to destroy the evils from earth. So it has a great importance for people of India.

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Akshaya tritiya or “Akha-teej” is one of the famous and auspicious festivals which come on third day Bright Half (Shukla Paksha) of month vaishakh Acordimg to Hindu month calendar. Hindu believes that every work that starts with good timing with blessings of god(Muhurats) will leads to better and well execution of it till end. So this day is also known as golden day that brings golden movements for the future for the people.

“Akshaya” is The Hindi word which means –“Never to less”. So people make new purchase of kitchen pots, golds and any kind of valuable thing that have to be stands for long life. Any kind of new events like weddings, Inorgations and journeys etc. also started on this day for securing from any kind of dismisses and stoppages.

There is much more holy links with the Hindu’s historical culture. According to traditional history the day of Akshaya tritiya is famous because of:-

• This day was the start of “Satyayug” or “The Golden Age” from the four Yugas.
• Vedavyas – the writer of Mahabharat starts to write this holy purana on this day.
• Akshaya tritiya or Akha Teej is the Birthday of the Sixth incarnation of lord “Vishnu” – Parsurama.
• “Sudama” – a childhood friend of Lord Krishna visit him on this day along with bitten rice and get rich in a movement from blessings of him.
• One more thing come into listen that Pandava gets “Akshaya-Pathram” from Lord Krishna in Mahabharat time on this day.

• The ever holy River Ganga or “Bhagirathi” came over the Earth on this day.

Akshaya Tritiya Celebration:

Because of traditional and important value of this day it is celebrated like famous Hindu festival – Depawali, Dhashahara and Gudi Parva. people Buy gold and silver jewelry, takes holy bath and dip in rivers, organize Ganesha and Lakshmi pooja, worship to Lord Vishnu specially on this day to get the blessing to get better health and wealth.

  • The Date of Famous Akshaya Tritiya Festival This year is:
    24 April 2012

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