Chaturmas Parva :

The meaning of Chaturmas is “Four Months”. Chaturmas begins on Ekadashi of Ashadha month and ends on Ekadashi of Kartik month. these four holy months are have much importance in Hindu and jain religion of India.

During chaturmas jain Muni, saints and there followers follows the principles of non violence strictly and thus they stay at a single place for four months. during the stay Jain Muni and Saints tell religious and knowledgeable facts of Life science to people.


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Chaturmasi Parva of Jain Community –

Chaumasi Parva is a very holy festival of Jain community. The Chaturmasi Parva is a very well known and popular Jain festival which can be celebrated across in India specially by Jain peoples and followers. this Chaumasi Parva comes during rainy season and during this rainy season Jain monks not stays night to different places. during these chaturmasi parva the Jain monks stays at one place. and they teach their Jain faiths and lessions to Jain peoples and followers.

people celebrate this chaumasi parva with happiness because they need the help of their monks & acharya ji. So the chaumasi parva takes an important place in the Jain people’s life.

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