Mahavir Jayanti The Birthday Celebration of Mahavir:

Mahavir Jayanti celebrates the birth of Mahavir. In Jain religion Mahavir Jayanti is called as Mahavir Janma Kalyanak. It is the most important religious holiday of jain dharma. The holiday occurs either in March or April. Mahavir is also known as

Mahavir Jayanti

Mahavir Jayanti

Vardhamana. Mahavir taught the world the essence of ‘Unity of Life’. Mahavir was born on the thirteenth day of Chaitra. Mahavir was the son of King Siddhartha and Queen Trishala. Local statues of Mahavir are given a traditional bath called the abhisheka.

Many Jains are busy in some charitable on these day, in the name of Mahavir. Some people visit to temples to think and offer prayers. Lectures are said in temples to speak the path of good value was given by Jain principle. Donations are collected to help the cows, saving cows from killing and helping the poor people.

Senior citizen people give blessings that Lord Mahavir will brings peace, happiness to younger.  The devotees make donates milk, rice, and fruit. The day ends at the temple or common place where people think and pray.

Jains celebrate Mahavir Jayanti in a colorful way by decorating the Jain temples with flags and offering food to the poor people. The government offices and most businesses are closed; people have a day off work. People send Mahavir Jayanti messages on this lucky occasion.

Mahavir Jayanti Date In Year 2014:

At various websites Interesting Mahavir Jayanti greetings cards are also available. On 2014, April 13 Mahavir Jayanti will be celebrated.

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One of the oldest and popular religion that was practiced was Jainism. In the 6th century Mahavira rekindled the torch of Jainism and gathered massive followers through his non-violent teachings. Mahavira was not the founder of Jainism. In fact, he was the last of the Jain prophets or Tirthankaras.

Mahavira’s Teachings :

Mahavira renounced the worldly pleasures and began to lead a life full of hardships, which can only be led by a monk. Mahavira attained nirvana after 30 years, but during these years he gained and was strengthened by the knowledge he accumulated.

Mahavira’s first and foremost teaching was to include righteousness into one’s life. Right Faith, Right Knowledge, Right Conduct were the keywords. If all actions and thoughts are right, one cannot be wrong in any sphere of life. He firmly believed and preached that all the spirits, may it be human or any other source of life like plants and animals, are pure. It is the Karma; the deeds one performs which leads to their sorrowful or blissful life.

Mahavira was a firm believer of non-violence. Mahavira’s preaching had an essence to build a better self, better society and therefore a better world. The essence of Mahavira’s teachings urged his followers to be honest, kind, non-violent, righteous, forgiving and free from sexual desires.

Jainism, one of the oldest religions is scientific as well. It is the most appropriate religion for the modern life. The essence of Mahavira’s teachings urges people to purify their soul with right conduct, deed and thought. He is non-believer of cast system and in constructing a harmonious society for all. He also did not preach people to renounce their families. People may or may not choose to become monks or nuns. His teachings and their essence were so impressive that Jainism became very popular and is following till today.

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