Camel festival or camel fair of Bikaner Rajasthan is a very popular and famous festival in rajasthan. The Camel Festival of bikaner India is an event organized in Bikaner by the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture, Government of Rajasthan, every year in the month of January.

The month of January is the right month for a desert spree and Bikaner is the right place to see the camel which is also known as Ships of the Desert. The Camel Festival of bikaner rajasthan begins with a colourful procession of camel. During this camel festival the owners of camel decorated their camel with beautiful ornaments and Royal clothes. The Bikaner Camel Festival is the most exotic and colorful fair of India.

This festival is most interesting and it’s main attraction is camel race. During this festival The Department of Tourism, Art and Culture, Government of Rajasthan is organised art-cultural programme, camel races, entertainment, Folk dances and Musical programmes .

The camel festival is royal and most colorful festival in bikaner. During this camel festival thousands of people comes to bikaner and enjoy camel festival in bikaner. On this occasion Peoples comes there from out side because there are attractions of games, races, local folk dances, song are also a part of this festival.

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Desert festival it is one of the most popular of all festivals it is a journey into the heart of the desert, the golden city of Jaisalmer. This festival held in the month of January and february each every year.
The month of January-february is the right month for a desert spree, and Bikaner is the right place to see the Ships of the Desert.

The desert festival explain the art and culture of Rajasthan. People organise many competitions, night functions and camel dances & camel races are also part of this desert festival. You can enjoy camel rides it is very fun full experience. Jaisalmer is famous for Jaisalmer Fort, Patwon ki Haveli, Tazia Tower, Gadsisar Lake and many more historical places.

On this occasion of desert festival shops are decorated and lighting in over the market and heavy rush in the market of tourist and visitors. Every people dressed newly colour full cloths and you can find it everywhere in market of jaisalmer during this desert festival. People can be enjoy with sound of melodious tunes and rhythms, folk music and dance exciting competitions and contests.

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