Guru Nanak Jayanti is the birth day of first Guru of Sikh religion. In Sikhism all of the festivities rotate around the birth days of their all ten Gurus. The entire followers of Sikhism are eminent anniversaries of Gurus with great keenness each of the year. Guru Nanak Jayanti is one of the celebrations for Sikh community. This is a festival in Sikhism.

People from this society not only celebrate this festival in India but also well-known in various places where Sikhs are living today. Guru Nanak had born in 1469 on the day of full moon day in month of Kartik of Hindu calendar.

Guru Nanak was the founder of Sikhism. And this day of Guru Nanak Jayanti is celebrated each of years with gregarious feelings among people. On the day of Guru Nanak Jayanti the day commences early on sunrise with the playing of Asa-di-Var and it is a hymns of early morning and this hymns from the Sikh people followed by Katha together with speech and recital of poems in the admire of the Guru Nanak. After it they organize a Langar or we can say an extraordinary society lunch, which is arranged at the Gurudwaras by volunteers. The thought behind the free shared lunch is that people should be offered food in the strength of service and attachment.

Guru Nanak Jayanti In 2012: November 28, 2012

Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrated each of years in various places of Gurudwaras of Sikhism religion. Remarkable in Nankana Sahib at Pakistan where Guru Nanak had born celebrated on large scale. In India it is also celebrated with big scale each of year and in year 2012 this will be perform as on 28th November.

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GuruPurab is people also known as a Guru Nanak Jayanti. It is the birth of
Guru Nanak Jayanti who founded the Sikh faith. It is celebrated in North
India, specially in Punjab and Haryana and all throughout the india where
there is a significant Sikh population.

Guru Nanak was born in the month of Kartik (October-November) and his
birthday is known as Guru Nanak Jayanti. He was born in 1469 A.D. at
Tolevandi some 30 miles from Lahore. The anniversaries of Sikh Guru’s are
known as Gurpurabs and are celebrated with devotion and dedication.

On this occasion taken out a big procession of Guru Granth Sahib is
decorated with flowers and carried in a procession, accompanied by religious
music and goes main market with large immense of people’s. Many religion
society served foods and sweets among the children on this day of Guru Nanak

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