Shukra Bhagwan (Venus) Temple At Kanjanoor:

Sukiran temple at Kanjanoor is one of the most visited temples of Tamil Nadu each year. It is a beautiful and charming temple by looking. This is a temple of lord Venus and referred to planate Venus.

Kanjanoor Sukiran Temple is the most popular one of Navagraha temples in Thanjavur District. Sukiran Bhagwan temple is approximately 20 km from the place of Mayiladuthurai. The chief icons of this temple are Lord Parvati as “Karpagambal” and Lord Shiva as “Agneeswarar”. Lord Shiva worshiped as the god of fire so he called as the name of “Agneeswarar”.

According to tradition of this temple culture devotees require to come into through southern door. There are some idols placed. One of them an idol Ganesha is placed on the left surface and the idol of Goddess Parvathi is placed at the right side. Where as the Lord Shiva placed in centre in the form of Viswanthar. This is one of good architectures temples of Tamil Nadu. There is a video of Kanjanoor temple in Tamil Nadu as follows.

A Nice Video of Kanjanoor Temple of lord Venus:

This temple adorned greatly with flowers, colors, lights and other things on various festive occasion. People worship lord Venus to remove their sufferings of horoscope. They also worship lord Shiva, goddess Parvati and lord Ganesha in this temple.

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God Rahu Temple at Tirunageshwaram:

The lord Rahu is a king of snakes or nagas worshiped lord Shiva at this place of tirunageshwaram so this got the name of tirunageshwaram. This is a unique temple of lord Rahu. Rahu is a diety one of the Navgraha or nine planate of universe. The temple of lord Rahu at Thirunageswaram is situated 6 km far from Kumbakonam. Kumbakonam is enrooted to Karaikal. The supervisory deities are Girigujaambigai and Naaganaadar.the deity of lord Rahu faces the South-West track. The Prathyathi Devatha is the snake and Adi Devastha is goddess Durga.

Lord Rahu is the causes of plenty. Puthira dosham, leprosy, mental disorders, communicable diseases, kalathra dosham etc. are caused by Rahu dosham. Worshiping to Rahu at this shrine of lord Rahu assists rid a person from all of above Rahu dosham and also survives the individual from all venomous life appearances.

There is a holy place of Gnanmarkam is his helpful aspects. This temple of lord Rahu is not only famous by the divine power of this deity but also popular for the beauty of this temple. This is one of most visited temples of lord Rahu in the country. People in thousands of quantity visited this place to get relieved from their sufferings of Rahu dosham. This is a spiritual shrine of lord Rahu.

There are twelve holy ponds of water in this place and all of those known as especial names. Major ponds are Gowthama Theertham, Suriya Pushkarani, Indira Theertham, Prugu Theertham, Parasara Theertham, Vasishta Theertham and Kannuva Theertham. Suriya Pushkarani is one of the most beautiful and well structured naturally water head. This is surrounded by the temple complex and is very blessed place. Totally this is a good place for tourist for visit.

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