Bharat Paryavaran Diwas is the day which is dedicated to our natural environment of the country. Natural environment is an essential need for the human beings and for other living beings on the earth. It is the part of the life for living beings.



Without Clean Natural Environment it will not be healthy for human beings. Now days we are developing quickly for high level of standard of life but it should not be based on dirty environment. It may be very harmful for human life.

Today it is most important problem for humanity in all around the world because if we will go for development without remember the restrictions of Nature than it is sure we will lost everything. Bharat Paryavaran Diwas is the day which is one of the most important National celebrations which is started for trace out the view of people for this most dangerous problem of India.

There are lack of trees is a base for lack of rains and both of those problems will generate food problems. We are now polluting the air and water for more development but it is increasing the problem to survive the lives. Air and Water are the most significant elements for a live. Without it we can not be survive ourselves. So we have to grow but according to natural environment needs.

  • Bharat Paryavaran Diwas:

The importance of ‘Paryavaran’ for human beings government of India started the day of 23 January each year as a celebration of Bharat Paryavaran Diwas.

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