Celebrating Festival of Deepawali In Kerala India :

In Kerala the festival of Diwali is not highly celebrated festival as like other state. Traditionally people of Kerala not celebrate the festival of Diwali. But various communities like Tamil, Bengali and other communities enjoy the festival of Diwali in Kerala. At the time of this festival people of those communities celebrate it for five days as like other places of India.

People decorate their homes and gardens for welcoming of goddess Laxmi. They decorated thousands of lamps and candle for showing their faith for this festival. This is a festival of juncture and lights. People worshiped Laxmi at the night of Diwali for good health, wealth and for prosperity.

They enjoy with various design of firecrackers. Old person of family give bless to younger for batter fortune and future. People make this festival special as like other state by giving good wishes of diwali.

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