Gopastami is one of the mast auspicious celebrations of lord Krishna’s festival. It is the festival which is observe each of

Krishna cow

Krishna cow

the year on eighth day of bright moon night in the month of Kartika according to Hindu calendar. This festival is most important for Shri Krishna’s devotee. On this day of Gopastami lord Krishna and his elder brother named Balarama turned to pure cowherd.

Gopastami is the festival which is about the celebration of cows. Lord Krishna loved to play with cows.

On this day of Gopastami festival various places related to lord Krishna celebrate a fantastic program. On this day people decorated their cows with various types of colors and other elements of adornment. They colored horns of their cows. They prepare delicious foods for their cows. During that time of Gopastami festival people also perform various types of ritual activities. They also perform a ritual fast for this day.

Celebration of Gopastami at Lord Krishna’s Temples:

On the occasion of Gopastami festival in various parts of the county organizes various programs. They worship lord Krishna with worshipping of cows. According to people cows are the right place to find lord Krishna. In Nathdwara, Kankroli, Mayapur temple, Vrindavan temple of lord Krishna, Dwarka temple of Krishna are the major places where people celebrated this Gopastami festival with great enthusiasm.

Gopastami In Year 2013: 10th November

Gopastami celebrated each of the years as on eighth day of bright fortnight of Kartika month of Hindu calendar.

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