‘Varah Lakshmi Vratha’ is also known as varah lakshmi vrata and it is celebrated all over the India specially y by Hindu people. Varalakshmi is festival of Goddess Lakshmi. the festival of Varalakshmi is for married women and girls. Women and girls tie yellow threads around their wrists. The woman performs the puja and observes day fast.

The idol of goddess Lakshmi decorated with flowers and jewels. It is said that Lakshmi will enter the house of anyone who thinks of her and bless them. Different types of sweets are offered to the Goddess. Varalakshmi Festival is a festival of joy and happiness.

On Varalakshmi Festival peoples clean houses and there shops are decorated. Ladies prepare special food and sweets on this day. Varalakshmi is the Goddess of all wealth and she gives us whatever we want. These day women and girls wear fine dresses which have artwork. They pray prosperity, health and wealth for them and there family.

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