Lunar eclipse is another magical moment of universe as like sun eclipse. Chandra grahan or lunar eclipse occurs when thrice sun, moon and earth comes in a row or aligned. Among thrice earth appears in middle. During that time of lunar eclipse moon comes near to earth.

As like sun eclipse lunar eclipse also has ritual effects on various zodiac signs. People in India also observe lunar eclipse as a festival in India. They perform various acts on this day to worship lord moon. Generally this lunar eclipse visible on full moon day (Purnima Day).

Effects of Lunar Eclipse :

In India normally lunar eclipse is not good for people according to Hindu mythology. People believed or astrologist believed that this Chandra grahan is not good for social, political, economical life of people.

Lunar Eclipse In Year 2012:

Chandra grahan or lunar eclipse will visible on two dates of Purnima or full moon day and also the signs which are transiting by moon as following

  • 4th June, 2012 – (Dhanu raashi)
  • 28th November, 2012– (Mithuna rashi)

Those lunar eclipses are major for the people who are effecting by those eclipses. Chandra Grahan is also major for the people who believed in religious magical powers. It is also important for people who believed in tantra mantra power or divine power. They observe this day as a festival. They perform various acts to effects divine power of world.

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