In India Holi, the festival of colors is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. People of all ages – both men and women celebrate the festival by smearing colors on faces of their friends and relatives. Typically, people play with colored powders. These colored powders contain harmful chemicals that can lead to several health problems.

Chemicals In Holi Colours :

Post Holi celebrations a visit to the doctor is a common phenomenon. People usually, visit doctors for skin and eye problems. The chemicals colors available today in the market are of sub-standard quality and lead to skin irritation. This is because the Holi colors sold in the market are made of industrial dyes or oxidized metals mixed with engine oil. These chemical colors contain allergens and cause serious health damage to people allergic to certain chemicals.

The different colored powders available can cause a variety of diseases. For example:

  • Purple

The purple colored powder is obtained from chromium iodide; it is a harmful chemical that can cause bronchial asthma and other forms of allergy.

  • Black

The Black color is extracted from lead oxide. Lead oxide is a potent industrial waste that can cause renal failure or learning disability. It can be dangerous for children.

  • Green

Green color is a favorite color for many holi enthusiasts; however, people don’t know that it is obtained from copper sulphate, which is a toxic substance that can cause allergy in the eyes and even may lead to temporary lose of vision.

  • Red:

The red colored powder, popularly known as gulaal is obtained from mercury sulphite. This harmful chemical color can cause skin diseases, impair vision. It can even to lead to complex situations like mental retardation or paralysis.

Many people like to play with shiny colors, these colors are even more dangerous, the shiny texture is the result of the powdered glass being added to the colors.

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