In India, people usually visit doctors after playing colors on the day of holi. People get suffer with skin and eye diseases because of quality of colors available in market these days.

How chemical colors on Holi are harmful:

In earlier days, natural colors were used to play holi but now chemical colors are in fashion as they were thought be harmless in earlier days. Also, these are very conveniently available and are cheaper than natural colors. These days, manufacturers are mixing harmful chemicals in colors and are playing with the health of consumers. They are doing this to gain more and more profit. Chemicals added in the colors are very injurious to health and can cause serious infections if they enter into the body.

Most of the colors available in market these days are industrial dyes and oxidized metals mixed with engine oil. So, these chemicals are very harmful to the health of person.

Some examples of diseases that can be caused by chemical colors are:

  • Temporary blindness or eye allergies can cause because of copper sulphate found in green color.
  • Chromium iodide found in purple color can cause asthma problems.
  • Aluminum bromide found in silver color can cause carcinogenic.
  • Learning disability can be caused due to lead oxide found in black color.

Like this different chemicals found in holi colors can cause different form of diseases. Other then these many water colors alkaline base which can cause severe injuries. When washed, toxic chemicals in these colors enter into the river and cause water and soil pollution.

These days, way of playing holi is also becoming very dangerous. People throw balloons filled with colored water which can harm to eyes and ears of other person. So, it must be realized by people that colors are used to make the holi festival more enjoyable and not to harm others. So, they should not add chemicals in holi colors.

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