Chhath puja is a very famous famous celebration of people from bihar. Chhath puja is also called as Chhathi, Dala Chhath and Surya Shashti. The festival Chhath puja is the biggest festival of northern India.

In the hindu Kartik month the sixth day (Chhath Tithi) comes and thus it is known as chhath Pooja. people takes fast on this day and very speacial pooja performed to lord surya (Sun).

This Chhath puja is celebrated At Bihar, Purvanchal, Terai and Jharkhand of India very speacially but now a days people from all over celebrate this festival. all this goes till four days. rituals are followed by many of people. ladies and men goes to the banks of the river and they prey to lord sun. they performs pooja and then takes holy dip in to the water.

The Four Days of Chhath pooja :

  • 1st day – Nahakha
  • 2nd day – Kharna
  • 3rd day – Chhath
  • 4th day – Parna


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