Christian Songs on Fathers Day :

Father’s day is one of the best celebrations in the list of festivals. This day is significance of the sacrifice, love and care of father for his child. This day is to feel the first walking by holding finger of the father, helping on any kind of difficulties by the father and respect for dedication and love for a child by his father.

This day is started to celebrate by a women called “Sonara smart” at Spokane, Washington. She loosed her mother in early Age. After her mother’s death his father play dual role in growth of her.

On 19 June 1910 she celebrate first father day to say that how her father or other’s father is special in the world. After that on each third Sunday of month June is celebrated as Father’s day. Because this day was comes from Christians religion so at each church special pray and worship is arranged. Christians are goes at front of Jesus and pray for their father’s well being.

Some special songs are part of this kind of prays are :-

1. Let Children Hear the Mighty Deeds
2. Father’s Eye
3. O Father, all Creating
4. Join all The Glorious Names
5. Our Best

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