Christmas Celebration India :

Christmas is a major festival of the world. This festival mainly celebrated by Christian community people annually. Christmas is a royal celebration. There are many types to celebrate this major celebration through many events. People adopt some ideas to make celebration effective and special. We should have celebrated Christmas with great joy and happiness because it is that day when God Jesus was born on this earth.

Christmas is a colorful festival and celebration. Many people celebrate through the wishing cards like people write wish of Christmas on some cards and send them to their relatives, friends and family with love. Some people like to serve in the church and this is great way to celebrate Christmas. Some people distribute on Christmas sweets, chocolates, toys among the children to keep happy them.

Christmas is a holiday of love, tolerance and brotherhood. If you want celebrate Christmas with effective type. First you should have to go church pray and serve there then you should have to donate some money, corn or clothes among needy and deprived people to help.

You should have to distribute sweets and presents among the children to keep them happy, then last, you should have to wish to your family members, friends and to every one with love. This is real celebration of Christmas.

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