Christmas Celebrations In Hungary :

Christmas is main and traditional celebration in Hungary. Festive session is start in advance by first Sunday of December. People start to decorate their house by colorful lights, candles, flowers and other artificial things. Christmas Eve is called “szent – este” means “holy evening” here. It is said that St.

Nicholas visit Hungary on December 6 that’s Christmas. He comes there by wearing dress like Bishop and holding gifts in hand for children’s. Christmas is private celebration for people in Hungary. They expend time with their family and celebrate this festival with them. There are many traditions with Christmas in Hungary. Celebration LUCA and Betlehem is main tradition here to celebrated by people. At evening people gather around Christmas tree.

Children searches their gifts that are tied over the Christmas tree labeled with their name by Santa. People of their family helps

and cheer them by singing carols and music.

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