Christmas Celebrations In Scotland :

Christmas in Scotland is celebrated with full of joy and happiness. This celebration is the occasion to get close with relatives and other people to spend some memorable movements. It time to singing, dancing and drinking here.

Christmas here has less importance then New Year celebration because church here not gives much importance to this day. Besides all of this people here celebrate Christmas quietly but full of feel inside. Preparation like decorating houses and Christmas tree, cooking delicious food and visiting relatives are did by people in advance.

On Christmas Eve people arrange a huge bonfire. They play bagpipes and dace around the bonfire within drink. They enjoy whole night within this huge bonfire. “Bannocks” – a mouth-watered cake of oatmeal is the speciality of Scotland. Other things in Christmas dinner includes roasted turkey, sage and onion stuffing, roasted potatoes along with scotch or champagne. Clootie dumpling is special dessert take by children with souse and adults and younger with rum or whiskey.

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