Christmas Celebrations In Syria:

Christmas tradition in Syria is the same as other countries of the world. Syria has Arabic location so people here wish Mary Christmas as “Milad Majid”. Americans here wishes “Shenoraavor Nor Dari yev Pari Gaghand” instead Mary Christmas to others. On Christmas evening people get together outside the house and arrange huge Bonfire.

Young Child or son of family read the Christmas story while a bonfire is continuing. When bonfire is stopped and ashes is remains people jumps trice over it and make wishes one by one. People wake up early in the morning and goes to the church. A mass of bonfire is arrange their also at center floor of the church. Ancient hymens are sung and figure of Christ child is carried by chief church official.

He touches nearest person the “touch of peace”, this person to next and so on till last person in the mass. Fasting is another important part on this celebration like other countries of the world. Christmas dinner includes chickens, nuts, oranges etc.

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