Christmas day is a very famous celebration in all around the world. Christmas day is a great festival of Christian Community. It is a birthday of Jesus celebrated on 25 December every year.

Christmas songs are very famous, melodious, and well tune. Many songs have sung on Christmas in which some famous songs are sung amazingly by singers.

Christmas is a big event of Christian people. There is a midnight mass observe at all the church in the night of 24 and 25 December. Next day people of Christian public go to church in many numbers to pray for them and their family. There is a decorate Christmas trees by every Christian in their house and celebrate with play Christmas songs.

There is a one famous song of Christmas festival JINGLE BELL JINGLE BELL it was one of the best songs of the Christmas.

It was a sweet nice song, with some fine music and lyrics. This was a marvelous and foot-tapping song. Music, lyrics and tune were amazing..

There are many famous Christmas songs are listed below:

  • Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
  • Keval Yeshu sung by Vijay Benedict
  • Gayen Hum Yeshu Ke Liye sung by Vijay Benedict
  • Yeshu Ne Kaha sungb by Vijay Benedict
  • Mere Masiha sung by Vijay Benedict
  • Jerusalem sung by Vijay Benedict
  • Yeshu Ayega sung by Vijay Benedict
  • Yeshu Ne Aisa Pyar
    Dikhaya sung by Vijay Benedict

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