Christmas Eve Celebrations in Brazil:

Brazil is one of the countries where people from many parts of world are living. They live in group or colony and celebrate according to their culture or choice. St. Papai Noel is figure of Santa who lives in Greenland and visit people on Christmas. Brazil atmosphere is hot so Santa wears silky clothes opposite to the standers and most usual heavy winter clothes. Dinner on Christmas at Brazil known as Ceia De Natal includes turkey, colored rice, vegetables and fruit dishes etc.

Catholics at Brazil attend Midnight Mass or Missa Do Galo that ends at 1 PM. On 25th December people start to visit churches from early morning. They pray to Jesus for well being and happy life. Homes are decorated with fresh flowers of gardens. Christmas trees are prepared and decorated with colorful lights. Singing and folk dancing is key part of celebration at night. Celebration is continues up to 6th January when three rich person serve the gift to Jesus. Christmas is good time to get close to the culture of Brazilians.

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