Celebrating Christmas Eve In Greenland:

Greenland is the country which has little or almost none sunlight over their land. There is lots of ice and its too cold. Christmas is mainly a western or European countries festival but it is celebrated in Greenland with equal joy and excitement. Like everywhere preparation for the celebration is started in advance. There is no tree for Christmas tree due to none agriculture land so it is imported from other country. Cleaning and decorating houses before celebration is common tasks here.

Matak” and “kiviak” are the Christmas dishes prepared for this celebration. Keeping fast, visiting Church and distributing sweets, wishing “Mary-Christmas” to one another is common tradition on Christmas here. A special tradition here is that men work on this day only and women take rest. Fire cracking, Drinking coffee, Eating Christmas Cake, playing carols, singing and dancing for whole night lead to the

end of the celebration.

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