Christmas Celebrations In Lebanon :

Lebanon is the small country situated in west coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Here Christmas is celebrated with full of joy and vigor. People start to make preparation in advance. They decorate their house with flowers, colorful lights and artificial things. Special tradition here is that people sow seeds on this day.

These seeds are watered regularly from two weeks before Christmas. On Christmas shoots come out from seeds up to 6 inches. These are planted under Christmas tree to signify birth of Jesus.

On Christmas day people wake up early in morning to catch up friends and relatives on coffee along with sugar almonds. Lunch is taken by all family members with friends and relatives highlight whole the day. Table of lunch includes delicious rice cookie, chicken and burghul etc. in evening a big bonfire is created at the common place or heart of the town. People celebrated Christmas by singing carols and songs, dancing

around bonfire holding hand into hand.

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