Christmas Eve Celebrations In Norway :

Norway is a small but great country that celebrates Christmas with full of enthusiasm. “Gledelig Jul” or “God Jul” is Norway tradition to celebrate Christmas. Gifting Christmas Tree to England us unique tradition on Christmas here.

It is because UK helps this country in Second World War. This tree then placed at Trafalgar Square in middle of London. People come to see this tree when lighting over this tree is switched on. There are many traditions behind this festival in Norway. During this celebration people wear dress like goat skin and head of goat over their head. They join the parties and dance with this dress up.

Decorating Christmas tree is main tradition here. Christmas tree is decorated with white colored light. Children prepare baskets by white paper to fill up with chocolates and nuts. Family dances around the Christmas tree before opening presents. Due to old and pure tradition Norway is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in the world.

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