Christmas Eve at Scandinavia:

Scandinavia is very cold country located at the top of Europe. Christmas here is very important and traditional festival. 24 December is the day of Christmas on the place of 26 December. It is the darkest night of year.

Christmas here is a winter holyday celebrated with full of joy and excitement. Jul and Yale is better kwon at the place of Christmas word here. Otherwise Tradition is the same like Christmas in other parts of the world. Decorating houses, singing carols, cooking delicious food etc are the basic activity on Christmas here.

People start to celebrate Christmas with blesses of Jesus by going at church and lighting candles there. They worship St. Lucia as queen of light. St. Lucia is selected as a crowned with lighting candles and it visit town within its followers. On festive Eve children sing carols and Christmas songs. After celebration dinner is served. It includes hot and cold food and dishes like fish, meat and desserts within schnapps – an alcoholic beverage.

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