Christmas Eve In Greece:

Greece is one of the main countries of Christians. Like everywhere Christmas is celebrated as national holyday and religions celebration. Preparation is started very early like cleaning and decorating hoses for this celebration. Atmosphere here is according to the celebration (snowy winter).

Christmas in Greece lead many old traditions right now when each tradition is mixing up with another. While Christmas is less important then Easter but it is celebrated with full of joy and happiness.

Christmas in Greece is very busy time in kitchen. Before a week preparation of Christmas dishes is started. Smell of “melomakarona” and “kaorabiedes” is cooked as Christmas cookies which is eat on Christmas and New Year day. Fasting on Christmas is one of the traditions in Greece.

It can be up to 40 day long. Distributing sweets and wishing “Mary Christmas” to one another is common and important activity on this day. Christmas tree is buying by almost everyone in Greece or it is prepared by group of people for common celebration.

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