Christmas Festival in India:

merry-christmasChristmas Festival is a sign of Jesus Christ’s birth. This takes place on 25th December. In Israel, lived a young girl Mary who occupied to be married with Joseph. Joseph was a Jewish carpenter. Once an angel came in the dream of Mary. Angel said to Mary that she will be give birth a child of god. Amazingly Mary became pregnant and she gave birth to a son. His name was Jesus.

It believed that when Jesus was born, a bright star appeared in the sky. Totally sky filled with angels. Angels welcomed to god for coming on the earth. In the memory of Jesus birth we celebrate Christmas festival.

On the Christmas occasion people express their love, care and affection to their beloved person. People use Christmas messages, thoughts and songs to show their love.

A Beautiful Message we can see here as follows:

Be Happy all the being, let us embrace the peace that the holy lamb has brought to us. To you who have made my x-mass happy and joyful, lots of love, and to your mom also. God bless you so much. As we all celebrate, let us make sure that those around us also share our joy and love. Be there for needy persons and you will made a difference. Love you very much.

Jonah Mbugua

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