Apart from Christmas food at Christmas wedding ceremony should have more then traditional Christmas food for differencing it from Christmas celebration only.

Christmas wedding menu is the will complete your celebration that should be decided according to the theme of wedding. Keep in mind the session and atmosphere while deciding the menu of wedding.

Christmas Food for Weddings:

Wedding menu will decide the drink and meals of wedding ceremony so be careful about the standard extravagant. Wedding food can be has some special delicious other then typical Christmas food. Here are some ideas for Christmas wedding food bellow-

1. Drinks such as eggnog, mulled wined, hot spiced cider and hot chocolate along with the tasty fruit punches and mock tails are very popular choice on Christmas wedding.

2. Be careful about the regular supply of Christmas cookies such as bourbon balls, snow globes, gingerbread, Spritz and sugarcoated holiday-themed cookies on wedding feast table.

3. Popular Whipped toppings of banana, cheese, cream, butter, almond nuts, cranberries and date nuts on sweet breads are also quite appetizing treats too.

4. Christmas wedding cake can be strewn with red rose petals or tiny glass Christmas ball ornaments.

5. In the honor of the Three Wise Men from the East, Spicy Eastern food can also be incorporated in

the Christmas wedding theme for a unique touch.

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