Now Christmas is over. All guests and relative has departed. And you become busy to removes all things of decoration and celebration. Apart from all your Christmas tree is very pure and holy.

So you have to be very careful to dispose it. Christmas tree has much more decorative things and it consumes lots of time of Christmas preparation. Only proper disposal of it will make your Christmas celebration meaningful.

Here are some ideas to dispose your Christmas tree –

1. Removes all decorative things like lights, ribbons, artificial, tinsel and ornaments.

2. Cut down Christmas tree in 3 to 4 feet pieces.

3. Drop all the pieces into dump yard or waist yard.

4. Christmas tree is very holy so there are many communities that dispose it in proper way. Some people take little bit donation of $5 and take your Christmas tree for recycling.

5. Christmas tree can be plant in garden permanently for birds gathering.

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